Dynamic and Customisable

Full service package that integrates the real and digital worlds

State-of-the-Art Facial Recognition

Adjustable recognition percentage thresholds across multiple regions of interest on the human face

Liveness Detection Technology

Complex artificial intelligence analyses multiple facial gestures through the onboarding process

Safe and Secure

Blockchain and Cloud technology allows you to rest assured knowing your customer data is secure

Quick and Intuitive

Customer onboarding can be done in under 4 minutes

Fully Responsive

Can be used on any device that has a camera and internet connectivity

Available anytime and anywhere

Provides customer with frictionless experience involving no queues and no paperwork

Friendly Team

We have a dedicated team that will be by your side throughout the journey

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Best of Breed

Powerful Back Office Workflow Engine

iDMii utilizes a flexible back office workflow engine which allows for both manual and automated processing - Ensuring that all applications are processed to fulfilment.

iDMii is both time and cost-effective. We can help reduce your onboarding costs by up to 60%.

We have a dedicated team that can customize the iDMii platform to your specific business needs in a matter of a few weeks.

Robotic Process Automation

The use of state-of-the-art API technology and Robotic Process Automation allows for integration into internal and external data sources.

API technology and Robotic Process Automation allows for optimal data enrichment, validation and verification of on-boarding applications.

Cutting Edge Security

Secuirty was at the forefront when architecting the iDMii platform. The latest in Security Design Principles were used throughout its development life cycle.

The iDMii platform has been exposed to rigorous testing to ensure your data is as safe and secure as possible.

Monitoring and Reporting

The iDMii platform provides you with the benefit of rich, real-time dashboards which provide visibility and assist in managing the on-boarding process.

Reporting capabilities include geo-plotting and give you the ability to further profile your individual customers and provide access to big data insights.

Exponential Technologies

Protecting and Future Proofing your IT Investment


We believe in making the most of new technologies and have thus leveraged the power of blockchain, so you can rest assured that all the data collected is fully secured

Artificial Intelligence

Our platform learns from each application it processes.
iDMii is ever learning, ever growing and ever better

Cloud Technology

We have various cloud technologies in our arsenal. Your customized iDMii can be hosted or integrated. Access your data anytime, anywhere

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